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  • イタリア、ポーランド、日本との


    「in everywhere」をブランドコンセプトに、BASIC、MILITARY、ELEGANCE、ワンランク上の洗練されたデザイン、クオリティを追求するR LINE、モノづくりにフォーカスしたATELIER LINEの全5LINEから成るコレクションは、機能的、洗練された、唯一無二という3つの普遍的テーマを生かした造形美を追求しています。

    2016S/Sよりイギリス人デザイナーKEVIN JAMES MORLEYが、2016A/Wシーズンよりイタリア人デザイナーLARA CANALがデザインチームに新たに加わり、より洗練されたTATRASの世界観を演出しています。


    また注目のイタリア人若手デザイナー、LUCIO VANOTTI(ルチオ・バノッティ)とのコラボレーションコレクションも登場。

    TATRAS is an outfit label that is based in Italy since 2006A/W, which has started as a cooperate brand of Italy, Poland and Japan.

    Under the brand concept of "in everywhere", the collections of 5 lines - BASIC, MILITARY, ELEGANCE, a higher-grade sophisticated design R LINE, and manufacture focused ATELIER LINE- had been realized. In pursuit of formative beauty, these collections share three universal themes of “Functionality”, “Polished aesthetic”, and “One and only”.

    Since 2016S/S and 2016A/W, British designer KEVIN JAMES MORLEY and an Italian designer LARA CANAL has joined the design team, which has sophisticated the designs of TATRAS.

    In 2017S/S, a new trial light down appeared, focusing on the classic military taste. We proposed a new S/ S outer with a silhouette and design such as three-quarter sleeves or cropped length, which had never existed in conventional downs

    A new material Prima lift has been introduced to replace the premium goose down.

    Alongside with the incorporation of eco fur, the use of innovative ultra-fine microfiber material provides high heat retention and extra lightness.

    In addition, collaborative collection with the up-and-coming Italian young designer LUCIO VANOTTI has been launched.
    Outerwear that incorporates a new spirit into the ever-innovating TATRAS is available.

  • 洋服に携わる各個人が“独奏家”として

    There is the wish of Miyashita that each individual involved in clothing has a sense of isolation as a "soloist"


    2010年7月、宮下貴裕が「タカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.(TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist.)」1stコレクションとなるウィンターコレクションを展示会形式で発表。 ブランド名にある“TheSoloIst.”とは、洋服に携わる各個人が“独奏家”として孤高の精神を持ち合わせて欲しいというデザイナー宮下貴裕の願いであり、また再び洋服の世界へ戻ってきたという自分への不退転の決意の表れ。



    2011年9月9日、南青山に初のストア「grocerystore.」をオープンする。タカヒロミヤシタザソロイスト.以外にも、Levi’s Left handed Jean by Takahiro Kuraishiや一点物の古着のリメイクアイテム、デザイナー宮下自身がセレクトした洋服、アクセサリー、シューズなどを取り扱う。

    SOLOIST was established in 2010 by Takahiro Miyashita, a designer of ex-NUMBER (N)INE.

    In July 2010, Takahiro Miyashita presented his winter collection as the 1st collection of "TAKAHIROMIYASHITA The Soloist (TAKAHIROMIYASHITATheSoloist.)" in the form of an exhibition. The brand name "TheSoloIst." is the wish of the designer, Takahiro Miyashita who wants each individual involved in clothing to possess an isolated soul as "soloist", and it is also a sign of his indomitable determination to return to the fashion industry.

    In August 2010, the 2nd collection including a knit and a room wear was released.

    In December, the spring collection was announced as the 3rd collection.

    First store "grocerystore." was opened in Minami-Aoyama, Japan on September 9, 2011. In addition to Takahiro Miyashita The Soloist, there are 'Levi's Left handled Jean by Takahiro Kuraishi', one-of-a-kind remake Item of old clothes, and clothes, accessories and shoes selected by the designer, Miyashita.

  • リペアがつなぐ、

    Make life richer with Repair




    REPRO-PARK is a professional group in repair. We are skillful at repairing down and leather jackets even if it is impossible in any other shops because of its difficulty. Repairing means a lot to all men and women who have many clothes with universal and high-quality basic designs, which should not be used just for one season such as trendy clothes. Using clothes carefully and with love (especially made from animal materials such as down, far, leather and wool etc.) helps reduce the effect on the environment. Change our culture to Wear much longer with keeping repair, from wearing just once and throw it away. We are keep doing this activity with our support for the principle of sustainability.